Hesketh Crest

Jerry Hesketh
Designer - Director - Producer - Programmer


People are more alike then they realize

We need food to eat, clothes to wear, things to help us comb our hair, a place to sleep, people to meet, work to do and fun for you.

We all want to be liked

We try to look good so people will like us. We buy brand names so people will like us. We smile at each other so people will like us.

People are attracted to pretty things

People like pretty people, nice shiny cars, new houses, sparkely jewels.

Artists produce shared reality

An artist is anyone who creates and shares their creations with others. Art is anything made by an artist.

The Jim Carrey Theory

If you do work that serves many people at once you will get rich. The story goes that when Jim Carrey was young he would do comedy for money for small groups of people. As time went on he made more money by working larger groups in comedy clubs. Same time worked, more money. He then moved on to television, same time worked, more people served, more money made. And finally on to film, same time worked, even more people served, more money made. You can never get rich working for one person at a time. And almost everyone works for one person at a time.

Computers are Magic

Computers allow you to communicate using every form of communication known to mankind. Computers allow you to duplicate your time with very little expenditure of resources. Computers use magical lists of instructions to manifest ideas into our shared reality. Computers can be programmed to do anything you can think.

Digital is Different

Most things in this world have a value that is the result of the resources used to create the item, the craftmens time, storage, shipping and sale of the item. The cost of labor may be reduced but a chair can only get so cheap because of the resources used to create it have a hard value. Digital items like Books, Music, Movies, Software Applications and Games can be duplicated with very little effort and at a very low cost. As a result production of them can be low and margins for products can be very high.

The Internet leveled the marketplace

When I was young and I made a product I had to create it, pay someone to manufacture it, I stored it, then paid to ship it to a retailer who might even charge me to ship it back if they didn't sell it. In the case of a video game we also paid them many fees for co marketing and fees for product placement on endcaps. Retailers controlled the world. If they didn't like you you didn't even get sold. The Internet allows everyone to set up a digital retail location where you can take orders and instantly on demand manufacture and deliver the product if it is digital or you can ship a real world item from a central wearhouse.

If you work hard, you can create your dreams

If you really want something and you have lots of time, you can most often make it a reality.